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The world has evolved, and we now have communication and connectivity at the speed of thought. With all the possible benefits this can bring professionals, freelancers and small businesses, the truth is there is a much greater downside than upside typically. Being seen and heard over all the other noise, has become an art form that belongs to individuals and agencies with extreme expertise, that is not so easy to find and not so easy to afford typically.

Introducing the Biz Dev Pro, an innovative platform to either make you an expert or give you the opportunity to outsource an expert. We specialize in building thriving tribes, earning maximum marketplace trust and creating limitless opportunity with you or for you.

If you choose to become an expert, you will be mentored by our faculty to build your tribe, grow your current opportunity and learn how to monetize as a marketplace advocate for other businesses.

If you hire an expert, you will have an advocate that is dedicated to building your positive brand, giving third party trusted recommendations for your products and services, and increasing your sales for a fraction of traditional costs.

All our programs are month-to-month with no long-term contracts so that you can test and measure performance every 30 days and upgrade or downgrade your plan to match the performance of your Biz Dev Pro. Finally, business development has the integrity it has been needing. A WIN/WIN/WIN.

Meet the Faculty

The BIZ DEV PRO faculty create valuable training for individuals to master the art of building thriving tribes and cutting-edge business development. A BDP becomes a professional influencer, marketplace advocate and trusted advisor.

Tom Gay

Co-founder of The Biz Dev Pro
Founder of Refer.com/Serial Entrepreneur

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Brett Labit

Co-founder of The Biz Dev Pro
Life and Business Strategist

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Les Brown Jr

Leadership Consultant/Motivational Speaker
Best Selling Author of The Harvard Effect

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