“Tribe is not something. It is everything. All that you interact with is in your tribe. How you interact determines if it will thrive.”

This site is about making a conscious choice to go from being on the outside of the tribe to inside. This is an important choice. As you make it, you are committing to interact in a way that will contribute to enriching your life, enriching others and enriching the tribe. Please take some time to read our Thriving Tribe Agreements.

Meet The Team

Brett Labit

Co-founder of The Biz Dev Pro

Life and Business Strategist

“I believe that the single most important thing a person can commit them self to, is learning the art of building thriving tribe. As you learn and apply these principles, your life and business can expand into their highest and best form. “Build Your thriving tribe and your thriving tribe will build you.”

Tom Gay

Co-founder of The Biz Dev Pro

Founder of Refer.com/Serial Entrepreneur

“Two things happen in our tribe. We support you and you support us in a collaborative, conscious and responsible way. The more committed you are, you will find the more committed others become towards you. You can enroll as a free member, as a Biz Dev Pro or as a client of a Biz Dev Pro. The important thing is to join us in better interaction in the marketplace.”