Master the New Sales Paradigm


Learn Accurate Thought


Apply Accurate Activities


Create Accurate Habits

The Problem

  • The economy has changed
  • Buyers have retreated to protective castles
  • Mega giants have emerged dominant
  • The marketplace has become increasingly noisy and cluttered
  • Making contact, building trust and converting clients requires new knowledge and new methods
Business owners, professionals and individuals are facing complex obstacles for growth.

The Solution-Thriving Tribe

  • Learn the secret of the New Sales Paradigm
  • Apply the Activities and Habits of a BIZ DEV PRO
  • Establish Social Influence to be heard Above the Noise
  • Convert Your Social Influence into Growth
  • Create an Evergreen and Ever-Growing Asset
You can experience the growth you desire, you simply need to learn how and apply what you learn.

What is a BDP?

“A Biz Dev Pro masters the art of building thriving tribes and cutting-edge business development. They become a professional influencer, marketplace advocate and trusted advisor.”

As a BDP you will

  • Access BDP Level 1-$99/monthly
  • Get Full Profile Capabilities
  • Master the art of building thriving tribe through:
    • Online self-directed curriculum Level 1
    • monthly online mastermind with BDP Faculty
    • group mentorship webinars with BDP Faculty
    • Be eligible for live events with BDP Faculty
  • Turn-Key BDP Business Opportunity:
    • Earn 80% recurring subscription procurement commissions
    • As a professional influencer and marketplace advocate
    • As a potential trusted advisor/mentor
    • 15 minutes to be in business and ready to accept clients-fully automated

A Snapshot of the 5 Levels of Mastery

BDP Level 1

BDP Level 2

BDP Level 3

BDP Level 4

BDP Level 5

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Hire a BDP

If becoming an expert and mastering business development is not the accurate choice for you, maybe you want to hire a BDP. A BDP can provide business development services to grow your business and certified trusted advisers can provide consulting services. Click the button below if you already have a BDP you want to hire. If you need a BDP, fill out the form above and tell us what you are looking for.