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I'm really excited that you're taking a good look at the Biz Dev Pro. During a life time of business focused mainly on marketing, sales and growth, I've never seen a program more attuned for the times like these. If you really want to turn in a new direction, stand out from the noise and confusion of the market and set yourself up for increased revenues and earnings, I am convinced the Biz Dev Pro is a perfect fit for you.

If you want to be successful in the new world, mastering business development will not be optional.You will either want to become an expert or hire an expert.

If you still have questions, click on my calendar link just below my profile picture to schedule a 20-minute consultation. If you are ready to join as a Biz Dev Pro, hire me as a Biz Dev Pro or join the thriving tribe, click on the button below to make your choice.

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  • Tom has been and continues to be a mentor and an excellent example of entrepreneurship to me. Over the years his insights have been invaluable.

    - Brett Labit

About Tom Gay


Thomas Gay is a founder of The Biz Dev Pro and a life-long serial entrepreneur focused on bringing IT solutions to complex business and marketing problems. Tom’s most recent success, an exciting web 2.0 technology firm called that provides a package of high performance, referral marketing tools to professional services providers where relationships are at the core of the client’s business development success. services are aimed at financial services firms, attorneys, insurance professionals, consultants, accounting, non-profit and many other services firms. teaches users the keys to building trust-based referring relationships and then provides easy to use, web and mobile software tools for personal relationship building, task management and results tracking. In today’s setting, marketers are competing with more noise, higher costs and more barriers to reach a decision maker. tools break through the noise and puts the professional back into “high-touch” success building relationships with key prospects and potential referral sources. In the 80's, Tom founded National Decision Systems (NDS), the pioneer in advanced target marketing technology tools for major consumer goods and financial services companies. Tom’s firm was twice honored with the coveted INC 500 Award and he sold it in 1988 to Equifax (NYSE) of Atlanta, Ga. Today, NDS’ tools are still the industry standard and the company is now a part of A.C. Nielsen, Inc. In 1990, Tom started VistaInfo to deliver real time, geo-targeted property risk info to banks, insurers, realtors and home buyers across the USA. After going public in 1997, Tom was honored in an Individual Investor Magazine cover story (May 1999) where he was called one of the "5 Best Undiscovered Small Company CEO's" in the USA. VistaInfo was named a “Magic 25” company in 1999 and was acquired in 2000 with sales of $80mm to create what is now known as Fidelity National Information Solutions (FNIS-NYSE). In 2001, Tom and his wife, Patti, went to South Africa where they started a non-profit ministry organization, Monte Christo Ministries (MCM) focused on helping people caught in institutional poverty. The goals at the start of MCM were to create a self-sustaining non-profit organization led by people from the local community who would be instrumental in changing their own futures. Today, MCM has achieved this sustainability, feeds thousands of children daily and brings together organizations, churches and universities, world-wide, to help relieve the burdens of poverty, family breakdown and HIV/AIDS in the Cape Town area. Upon Tom’s return to the US, he built a thriving referral based CEO consulting business and then turned that referral process into what today is Refer provides its SaaS tools to almost 5 million professionals world-wide today who benefit from having a systematic and repeatable method to build relationships, get new referrals and grow their revenues. Tom continues to serve as the chairman of the Refer board of directors. Tom has served on numerous corporate and community boards and is a frequently sought speaker on the topics of referral-relationship marketing success, leadership development and socially responsible business.

Current Projects

Company Name Position Description Responsibilities
The Biz Dev ProCo-Founder and CEOLeadershipStrategy, Operations and Growth

Core Values

My goals are to help people achieve their highest and best in all aspects of their life and together we grow on the journey from survival to success and significance. In me this requires and embraces the principles of "servant leadership" and the values of the Biz Dev Pro organization.

Personal Interests

I'm a big sports fan and follow all types of sports world-wide. Along the way, I've been an avid sailor and boater and explored many beautiful places on the water. Today, my focus is on impacting people to be all they can be and to helping them discover exactly what their purpose and plan is for their life. As a man of faith, I believe when you discover those elements for yourself personally and pursue them, you will put a smile on the Designer who made you who you are... and there can be no higher goal than that!

Personal Story

My life has had a wonderful track going from survival to significance. I was born in Panama shortly after WW2 and relocated to the USA where my parents returned to their long standing home outside of Boston, MA. I had a typical, "Tom Sawyer-like" childhood where in those days we wandered everywhere in our town, hitch-hiked to adventures far away and everything was safe and well so long as we were home by the time the street lights went on. My first job came at age 11 where I needed to add to the family income by supporting my own expenses likes school clothes and shoes. In those day, I caddied at an exclusive golf club and for years earned my way through my teens both there and in all kinds of part time endeavors usually available to a young person. In my journey to adulthood, I had a number of people who along the way I came to appreciate as mentors and who always saw more ahead for me than I was mature enough to see or appreciate. Today I reflect how they kept me on a path for growth, prodded me to grow and achieve and helped to catapult me into a life time of believing that I could achieve anything I set my mind on... and to never accept the words that "you can't" because I wasn't smart enough or good enough or whatever. Those mentors and my growth today motivate me to continue to use all of my talents until I can't any longer and just as importantly to call you to the same. I believe we all are called to a "great game" and we each need to strive to be the best version of ourselves while we reach for our own dreams!

Skills and talents

Skills and Talent
Sales and Sales Training
Business Strategy
Mentoring and Coaching
Personal Growth and Development
Motivation and Encouragement
Public Speaking
Referral Marketing

Tom is the co-founder of The Biz Dev Pro and continues to serve as chairman of the board of his recent firm Additionally, Tom is mentoring and coaching a number of other executives and start-up firms.

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  • Brett Labit

    Tom is one of the top entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. He is first class in every way and as dependable as it gets.


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  • Tom has been and continues to be a mentor and an excellent example of entrepreneurship to me. Over the years his insights have been invaluable.

    Brett Labit
    BDP Level 1

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