1. Lead Your Self Well – Dedicate your self to personal and professional excellence and model it privately and publicly.
  2. Present Moment Awareness – Bring your attention to the only moment you can influence, the present moment.
  3. Advocate the Highest and Best – Be open to discover the highest and best outcome of an interaction, despite your agenda.
  4. WIN/WIN/WIN – In every interaction, filter it to ensure that you win, whom or what you interact with wins and the collective wins.
  5. Earn What is Accurate – Do not close less or more sales than what you accurately earn when the buyer has a want, need or desire that you can responsibly deliver on.
  6. Contribution – Contribute to the tribe with your skills, talents, connections and great vibes.
  7. FUN-Enjoy the process and every part of it as often as you are able

The 5 DNA of Thriving Tribe

  • Culture – Positive, Empowering and Productive
  • True Mastermind – Elevate your thinking and elevate the collective thinking
  • Real Collaboration – Take action to work together without fear of scarcity
  • Belonging – Allow people to be whom they are with an invite to evolve and mature.
  • Align Effort and Energy – Connect people and resources to achieve multiple targets with one effort.

8 Characteristics of an Authentic Leader

  1. Awareness – Observe cause and effect and consciously adjust to create the desired outcome.
  2. Clarity – Do the deep discovery work of who you really are, what you really desire and what your true stated mission is.
  3. Definiteness – Through clarity and a carefully constructed plan become definite in your purpose, while remaining flexible and open to evolve.
  4. Congruence – Generate the power to achieve by aligning thoughts, feeling, emotions, words and actions to your stated mission.
  5. Lead Well – Lead yourself well and inspire others to lead themselves well. Inspire leadership out of followers.
  6. Attract Tribe – Ping the marketplace, discover who is awake to win/win/win possibilities and begin nurturing the contact to its highest form
  7. Harmonic Culture – Allow people the freedom to be whom they are and reduce your emotional attachment to expectation, judgment, manipulation or control of them. End destructive gossip by not listening to it. Speak life and good energy into the tribe.
  8. Facilitate – Be a master at aligning effort and energy by connecting people to insights, information, opportunity, resources, partnerships, events and other people.